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Loose-fitting buttercup pants with side seam pockets.

The supple waistband is complemented by a removable belt slipped through loops, gently concealing the elastic.


Pants can be lengthened or shortened without compromising the zero-drop pattern. 


To choose your size, rely on the pelvis measurement in our size guide. If you're at the very end of your waist, we recommend you go up a size.


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Buttercup Pants- zero waste pattern PDF - Ecojolie- (A-D)

  • Advanced level

    A person who can :

    • make all types of garments, who is comfortable with sewing and has      been sewing for several years, and who knows sewing techniques and technical terms.
    • sew with fluid, elastic materials....
    • set up a sewing machine and own a serger.

    draw up a pattern with the help of a reduced-size side diagram.

Choosing your pattern size

- Patterns are based on a stature (height) of 1.65 m.
- These measurements do not include the ease of the garment, but are used to select the pattern size (A, B, C....).
- Measure in your underwear.
- Adopt an upright posture, with feet close together, without pulling in your stomach, and remember to breathe: a natural, relaxed posture.
- For greater precision, and if you can, ask someone to help you take the measurements.
- If you're measuring alone, position yourself in front of a mirror to make sure the tape measure is horizontal.
- The tape should lie flat all the way around.
- The tape should rest loosely and loosely on the body, horizontal and parallel to the ground. Make sure you can get a thumb flat under the tape.
- Write down your measurements to make future purchases easier.

For more information, please consult our General Terms and Conditions of Sales.

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