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The Mauve skirt is comfortable with its elasticated waistband.

This free version has no pockets, but you can find the Tulip skirt with pockets in the patterns section.


To choose your size, rely on the pelvic circumference measurements in our size attachment.

If you're at the very end of the size range, we recommend you take the size above.


The skirt can be lengthened or shortened without compromising the zero remnant pattern.


Feel free to share your creation with #ecojolie

Mauve Skirt- Free Zero Waste pattern PDF - Ecojolie- (A-K)

  • Intermediate level

    People who :

    • Master a sewing machine, who has already made a few garments and who      already has sewing experience.
    • Draw a pattern with the help of a reduced-size side diagram.
    • Read assembly diagrams and own a serger.

Choosing your pattern size

- Patterns are based on a stature (height) of 1.65 m.
- These measurements do not include the ease of the garment, but are used to select the pattern size (A, B, C....).
- Measure in your underwear.
- Adopt an upright posture, with feet close together, without pulling in your stomach, and remember to breathe: a natural, relaxed posture.
- For greater precision, and if you can, ask someone to help you take the measurements.
- If you're measuring alone, position yourself in front of a mirror to make sure the tape measure is horizontal.
- The tape should lie flat all the way around.
- The tape should rest loosely and loosely on the body, horizontal and parallel to the ground. Make sure you can get a thumb flat under the tape.
- Write down your measurements to make future purchases easier.

For more information, please consult our General Terms and Conditions of Sales.

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