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solutions for professionals only

Join the Ecojolie dematerialized commercial licensing system (with no label to affix) and no commissions: sell zero waste garments designed with our patterns. Compare our offers at the bottom of the page.

For industrial use, please contact us directly.

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    Every month
    Abonnement - Réservé aux artisans
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Be part of the ecojolie adventure and appear on our "partners" page

Join our licensing system and contact us to become one of our partners. You'll be listed on our "Ecojolie partners" page, so you'll be visible to customers who want to buy zero-waste clothing.

Eco-responsible brand

A strong commitment to eco-responsibility for your brand.

Zero waste

No more cuttings to manage or recycle: 100% efficient patterns.



No more pattern to place.
Pattern without decals.


Customizable garments: choice of fabric, supplies, finishes...

How can we appear on your sales space?

1 : Download and consult our licenses by clicking on the icon

2 : Text to integrate into your sales area.

You can copy and paste the text below into your online sales area:

Ecojolie licensed model

3 : Photo to integrate into your sales area.

Download the image (left click on the image below) to integrate it into your product photos or your sales area.

visual for integration on your site.png

For more information, please consult our general terms and conditions.

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