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How to stitch straight and respect sewing values?

To achieve even seams and respect the sewing values, you can install a guide on your machine.

It's important to stitch at the right distance, as you can easily end up with a garment that's half a size smaller or half a size larger.

To measure and set your guide at the right distance, lower your needle a little and use a ruler to measure the distance between the middle of your needle and your guide.

You can stick tape on your machine, fit a magnetized guide (I find this practical only for industrial machines, as on family machines there isn't enough surface area to magnetize the guide) or use a large pinned bead, for example, around the machine arm.

I use a grosgrain because I can move it to the desired distance easily. It's a bit thick, which helps press the fabric against the grosgrain.

The grosgrain allows for straighter, more regular stitching.

Happy zero-waste sewing,



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